Sunday, April 27, 2014


Well, I guess at this point I don't have followers outside of my graduate classes in Instructional Technology. So, this is a hello to those future visitors who are wondering about this blog!

As I near the end of my time as a graduate student (MEd. Instructional Technology, UMUC) I feel more and more compelled to share the knowledge and skills I have gained over the past two years with fellow educators. I am also eager to build new relationships with other educators who share a passion for integrating technology in the early childhood classroom.

As a military spouse, I already have had invested technology commitments at several different schools and know that this trend will ultimately continue as our journey with the Navy continues. I hope that this blog, in it's revival, will help me in continuing to share technology integration experiences, tools, and ideas with colleagues past, present, and future.

Since this blog began as an assignment for a graduate course and therefore, it does include some helpful tips about integrating technology in the early childhood classroom already. However, there has been a hiatus of activity for almost a year. So, let me share a brief preview of what you can expect in the near future...

- An update on my current classroom technologies and how they are being used
- An overview of my experiences introducing my class of 2nd graders to Google Apps for Education
- A look at a sample Digital Literacy Workshop created for elementary educators
- A preview of my team's work surrounding an OHEF Grant: A Digital City of Stories
- A reflection on my experiences applying for a variety of Google training opportunities
- A synopsis of my on-going acclamation to a MacBook Pro Retina from PC (1 day in so far!)

I look forward to sharing many of these posts with you and am especially excited about the professional learning community that may ensure from the discussions and collaborations that take place here!

Thanks for joining the revival!