Monday, April 28, 2014

What are you working with?

In my second grade classroom I currently have quite a few technology resources. Some of them are a result of district initiatives and trainings while others I have procured through grants, etc. I've got a breakdown of my set-up below, but would love to hear about what you are working with to!

The main writing and projection surface in my room is a Smartboard.  In our district these were purchased through the district for those individuals who completed the Tier 3 Training Program a few years back. While the program still remains, the incentives have changed to reflect current technologies. However, it seems the program will take on a new format next year as the district moves from a readiness-model in regards to technology training to an equity model. Regardless, I have been fortunate enough to be placed in a room of a teacher who is on special assignment this year as a literacy coach and have been able to retain her Smartboard. I use the Smartboard for just about every type of projection and lesson, so be prepared for many more mosts on this technology from the sessions I have helped to lead regarding it's uses in the classrooms. There is already a few such posts on the blog regarding "Pho-Smartboard" Techniques and Young Learners and the Smartboard.

Apple iPads & Apple TV
There are currently 4 iPad Minis available for use in my classroom. These were procured through several different grants from the Oak Harbor Educational Foundation and Donors Choose. I'll dedicate a separate post to pursuing grants for classroom technology, but it has certainly been a useful funding source that has greatly added to the possible learning experiences within my classroom. Currently, the iPad Minis are used as a part of my literacy workstations, as a tool in remedial math services, within my classroom reward system, for a special community-based social studies project (A Digital City of Stories), and for whole class instruction. The two Apple iPads in my classroom are almost solely used to guide instruction using the Splashtop App when they are not being used similarly to the iPad minis in small group instruction.

ELMO Document Camera
I like to think of the document camera as a pretty standard piece of classroom technology now, but I am curious if people are starting to use other technology tools to accomplish the same goals? I've heard of and seen the use of an iPad stand as a possible substitute for the document camera through Apple TV, but I haven't seen or heard of this becoming a standard practice anywhere.

I'll do my best to keep you updated on any changes to my classroom technology outfit, but in the meantime feel free to share what you are using! Are there any particular tools you've found for those young learners?