The Blog

Integrating technology within the classroom opens up the door to nearly limitless possibility for diverse and dynamic learning experiences. However, the early childhood classroom presents a few unique challenges due to students' physical, social-emotional, and cognitive development. This blog is meant to share information, strategies, and experiences in overcoming this hurdle within PreK through Second Grade classrooms, as well as to provide a place for collaboration and sharing amongst similarly inspired teachers.

The Writer

I am the Instructional Facilitator of Technology for Oak Harbor Public Schools and a graduate student at the University of Maryland, University College where I am pursuing a Masters of Education in Instructional Technology. As the instructional facilitator of technology, my primary responsibilities include

  • training K-12 teachers to effectively integrate technology in the classroom through a wide variety of required and optional professional development offerings,
  • serving as a technology liaison on curriculum review teams to research and recommend various instructional applications of technology, and
  • managing the Teaching and Learning Departments web presence to ensure teachers can easily access important curricular and professional growth resources.

Some of the tools currently being used with Oak Harbor Public Schools includes Epson Brightlink 595Wi BrightLink Projectors, ListenPoint Classroom Sound Systems, SMARTBoards and SMART Notebook software, ELMO Document Cameras, iPads, AppleTV, Chromebooks, and Chromecast. We are also currently using a wide variety of online student subscriptions to textbooks and curriculum materials throughout the district. Most recently, we added a research database for young learners called PebbleGo!

Previously, I have taught Second Grade at Oak Harbor Elementary School in Oak Harbor, WA and Four Year Old Pre-Kindergarten at Key School in Annapolis, MD.

I also enjoy participating and presenting at various educational technology conferences. Below you will find a collection of the badges that represent my involvement.