Thursday, June 13, 2013

Challenges of Creating My Own Website

While I have this blog to update my technology tips and new discoveries, it does not serve the purpose of being a hub for my classroom. I have even set up a blog for my classroom so that I may easily post weekly updates with important dates, reminders, and other information to keep my parents and students informed. However, a blog alone does not fully meet my needs for what I wish to have available to my students and parents on a regular basis.

Therefore, I have begun constructing a classroom website that allows me to do a little bit more than my blog does....or does it? Here are just a few of my challenges in learning HTML and CSS construction of a website!

- Did you know that special fonts you download on your computer and use in your website cannot be used on computers that do not have that special font installed?

I didn't! What a surprise when I finally unveiled my website to my family who I thought was able to see everything, only to discover they were praising bland font on a dark background. It was so kind of them to encourage and praise my efforts, but boy did I feel silly once I realized the quality of website they were seeing! Gotta love my family for their never-ending support of all that I do! 

While I found some interesting tutorials to utilize Webfonts, the particular free fonts I had found for download were not available freely as Webfonts. So, I ended up having to go back and recreate my website from scratch and creating JPG images of each header and menu item I wanted that would utilize the particular font I had fallen in love with for my site. It proved not to be extremely painful, but was still time consuming! Good news, is I finally got the font and design for my website that I desired!

Perseverance and patience turned out to be the most important things I needed to tackle this challenge!

- You would not believe how hard it is to get your blog feed embedded in the website you create!

I have spent several hours now working with a variety of tools to embed blog feeds and have yet to be successful! Unlike Google Calendar and other online tools, blog feeds are not as easy to import into your website because of how frequently they are updated. Not to mention, in a sense they are already a tool within a website. 

If anyone has any ideas on how to get past this hurdle, let me know! I'll keep you posted if I find a solution that works! 

Those have been my biggest challenges so far and I am sure there are more to come! Stay tuned!

You can visit my site here. Please know that it is a work in progress and what you see there one day might not be there the next. As usual, any suggestions, feedback, and thoughts are always welcome!