Monday, June 9, 2014

See you June 23rd!

To all my readers,

I am simply writing this post to let you know of a very brief hiatus I will be taking from the blog until June 23rd. The main reason for this mini-break is the fact that the last 7 days of school are upon me and that involves quite a bit of extra duties this year around. I will be cleaning out my classroom, taking on some extra fun activities with my students, and transitioning to a new office and position within the district. My two graduate classes do not stop during this time, either! Not to mention, my hubby just made it home from a deployment and I'd like to try and balance the craziness of life without overwhelming myself! Most importantly, I just don't feel like I'd be writing as powerful and meaningful posts as I could during this time period with so many commitments on my schedule!

So, without further ado...see you on the 23rd! :)

Thanks for understanding!